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Thunder Country shared The Florida Panthers's photo.Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 at 2:52pm

#68 #JaromirJagr goin for 751 tonight vs Colorado Avalanche BB&T Center Sunrise Fl.

Tena Blackman I was listening to the pre-game show on opening night and they were talking about how Jagr was one of the oldest guys on the ice. I would like to respond to that comment by sticking my tongue and making googly eyes. Jagr thank you for showing that age is just a number. It's about living your dreams to the best of your abilities. Rock on sir, rock on!
Mikko Nygård only 52 goals to pass howe, jagr will probably achieve that by the end of this season
Let's Go Panthers '16-'17 If only he would have stayed in the NHL his whole career.
Čestmír Kubáček Ne,, prostě je to pořád borec, ve svým věku a svým přístupem. Dát do všeho nejen talent, ale i veškerou píli, to je cesta, kterou mladým ukazuje.
Petr Novak You could say he's only the third player to get 742 and up. Brett Hull is 4th with 741. But 750 is such a nice round number. Congratulations Jardo.
Justin Fenech If jagr can play 4 more seasons and at least get 25-35 goals per season then he can beat #1....this season he needs atleast 30 tho to stand a chance in the running
Elthon DeCastillo Actually, I did watched Marcel Dionne, he retired in 1989. Nevermind, so that means Phil Esposito was the one I never watched from these top 10.
Chris Graz If he didnt play in russia for 2 years he would have passed howe all ready
Liam Church I really want him to keep playing till he reaches 895!! Not even a Panthers fan but go Jagr!! 👊🏼
Grace Wittek And he didn't play for 3 years in NHL. Would be more. You got to love him👍
Mike French Gordie and Wayne getting their heals nipped at as we speak
Ivan Hersic ....a nechce se NHL alespoň na jednu sezónu spojit s KHL? Vše by bylo vyřešeno😀👍 Ne Jarda takový není👍Hodně úspěchů 68
Max Fecteau Message to Jaromír Jágr. We want the mighty salute back!! PLEASE!!
Anthony Abbruscato If he plays a few more years he could probably beat Gretzky lol
Elthon DeCastillo I feel privileged having watched played 7 out of the top 10 all time goals scorers in the NHL. I started watching NHL in 1988. I couldn't see Marcel Dionne, Phil Esposito, and Gordie Howe. Although, I watched the news when Gordie Howe played that one game with the Detroit Vipers in 1997. I am specially privileged to know that Jaromir Jagr plays for my home team, the Florida Panthers! 🤗
Justin Enivel Andrew Levine could he get at least 51 goals to tie Howe? That'd be nuts
Michal Matouš Come on JJ68, 2nd place is waiting for you.....;-) Proud of you 🙂
Martin Joska as much as he was third player to ever hit 749 and 748 ... nonsence
Juliann Wening Junio Congratulations Jaromir! Simply the best! ❤️
John Gotti Dobře Jarda jen tak dál gratulace👍👍👍
Aaron Hollander Incredible
Stacey Wright That's my guy!
Patrick Mallon Imagine if he hadn't gone overseas for several years.
Steven Napolitano Congrats Jaromir! Miss you here in Philly!
Eija Kaikkonen