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Bobby is the host of The Bobby Bones Show. He has been in radio since he was 17 hosting late night, evening, and now a morning show…

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Amy is a co-host on The Bobby Bones Show. After finishing up college at Texas A&M University, she had a sales career, but randomly landed a job in radio…

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Lunchbox is the co-host and self proclaimed MVP of The Bobby Bones Show. He has been in radio for almost 10 years after Bobby found him at a bar…

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Eddie is the Digital Content Producer of The Bobby Bones Show. Radio is a new medium for Eddie, he has been a television producer and photographer for news and music entertainment stations…

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I’m Morgan! The newest member of the show and “lowest on the BBS totem poll” according to Bobby. I was a long-time intern of the show who refused to leave, so they decided to hire me! So moral of the story: go intern somewhere… stay so long it makes people a little uncomfortable… and you too can have your dream job!



Ray was born September 5th, 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah. A whopping 12 lbs!!! Actually that was the total weight of his twin brother as well as himself…

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a bunch of friends and some interns hanging out. trying to be funny
Bobby Bones Show
Bobby Bones ShowFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 10:05am

We want to send you to Austin for the 2017 iHeartCountry Festival while supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Enter to win here:

Seth Cappen My daughter just posted on here about raising money for them in a bike ride at her school
Kyle Miller Hey Bobby would you spare two extra tickets or meet and greets for next two nights in grand forks for my good friend and I. We missed out because you sold out to fast.
Rebecca Knezevich Amanda Kraut
Loren Lake Reagan Hutter Middleton
Bobby Bones Show
Bobby Bones ShowFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 9:22am

Wishing Amy a safe trip to Haiti to see her Kids! Hopefully they can come home soon!

Instagram post by @RadioAmy • Mar 19, 2017 at 12:05am UTC
5,913 Likes, 247 Comments - @RadioAmy (@radioamy) on Instagram: “o.m.g. watching this on repeat and die every time. ⭐️ can I make it my ringtone or is that weird??…”
LA Trout Have a safe trip Amy!! I love hearing about your journey. My husband and I adopted our daughter here in the states.. it was worth every tear and the crazy, crazy ride <3 Bobby- PS-- here in the States biological parents cannot take their children back once they sign their rights over. It's irrevocable. They can TRY to take it to court but it's very, very rare a child would go back to their biological mother. That is a misconception of domestic adoption so I thought I would just clarify on that :) Love your show!
Jennifer Cohen Schiavone I don't get to listen to the show enough, but why is taking so long for her to bring her sweet children home? They need to be here with their mom! Amy is going to be a really great mom!
Becky Gillespie Fry From one adoptive mom to another.. There is nothing more humbling than knowing you are raising another woman's child. So very happy for you and your husband. Safe travels. 🙂
Sue Machcinski Wolniewicz It's so sad that Amy, along with many others I'm sure have to wait so long to bring their children home. Isn't it more important for them to be with their adopting patents than sitting in an orphanage while the mounds of paper work continue to pile very sad...
Kathy Wortham Newell If they don't get to come this time, I am going in June on a mission trip. I will volunteer to bring them home for you! This is taking too long!
JoAnn Galvez Serrano Just wondering if the POTUS is slowing this process down?!?! Amy says all paperwork from Haiti is done.....Give Amy her kids already!
Lisa Dennison-Carmack Curious .. If they send money to Haiti for the care of the children of "expenses"? I know it's a process but it seems it has taken a very long time for her to get her children. I'd hate to think they're just dragging it out to collect any money they can get from Amy and her husband. By the time She gets them .. They'll be adults. Hope it's over soon. These children deserve a real family.
Ashley Atchley I hope so too...friends of mine adopted from Haiti and had four years of crap to go through before they were allowed to come home. It finally happened this last year!!! I hope that doesn't happen to Amy. The government of Haiti is pretty corrupt 🙁
Michael Stanley I always wondered (with no ill will, just pure curiosity) why she didn't adopt kids from the U.S. I'm sure there are plenty to choose from.
Tina Higgins Woods Yes may God help guide them to their new home safely very soon. Safe travels Amy
Karen White I have been to Haiti twice this past year all because of listening to her story everyday. Thanks Amy.
Patti Gettemeier Hellrung stick them in your bag.... enough is enough
Vicky Hunter Happy & Safe travels Amy! Praying for wonderful news about getting your kids home with you ❤
Kim Witkum I have a friend who adopted from Haiti. Such a long process but so worth it! ❤
Catherine Mustoe Praying this process ends soon.... So happy for Amy and her expanding family 🙂
Wanda Wine Price I wish she could bring them home with her it is taking forever!
Lynda Silva Byrne Feel bad this is taking so long..she is the most patient and strong person.
Erika Brorby I hope so as well, those kids are lucky have Amy and her husband, so glad they found each other
Sherry Bandy Not sure what was wrong with my local station this morning it was all static.
Charla Caraway I share your passion ❤❤
Sheila Duncan So cute! Someone amoung all the listener's must know someone who can help expedite this process
Ellen M Corneau I don't get to listen to the show enough and I know that she is adopting but why is it taking so long to get them?
Michelle Easley Dalton Safe travels Amy hope your kids are home with you soon
Robin Berman Gold I listened to u in El Paso I wish Amy all the best Do u have a station in Las Vegas ?
Betty Fox Have a safe trip and hope the kids are doing great 👍 Be safe and take care ..
Bobby Bones Show
Bobby Bones ShowFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 8:57am

Amy's husband wants to switch from iPhone to Samsung and she's not too happy about it.

Who is an iPhoner and who uses a Samsung phone?

Chris Thomas Samsung all the way !!!!! Better graphics , better sound, better camera, better apps, more versatility !! And for some reason people think an iPhone is a status symbol, lol !!
Cara Cusson I switched to Samsung from an iPhone and it was a terrible idea. Everything is just easier with an iPhone! If you're really techy and like customizing stuff, the Samsung would probably be better but iPhone is just easier to use. I'm back to an iPhone now!
Beth Pohlmann I heard this earlier on the show. Yes Amy. He'll still be cool 😊Lol. Wait until he sees all the fun, oh wait - and cool, things he can with a Droid. Around here when someone takes out their IPhone it's like admitting they've boxed up their creativity & are just a sheep. Following mindlessly. Love- a Samsung user ❤
Erin Moore Samsung. I couldn't tell you the number of times I've been out with friends and had to take all the pictures on my phone and send them to my friends because the picture quality was so much better than their iphones. I also hate that apple tries to force you into a monopoly. You can buy any android device from any company, and your different devices will be compatible. I am usually Team Amy all the way, but today she sounded like a mean girl... you can't be cool if you don't have the right phone? Is this high school?
Christina Lynn I work in the wireless industry. There are pros and cons to both. There are more defects with the Android vs iPhone. iPhones are notorious for shattering (even on carpets). Android is more customizable. iPhones are super simple is you don't like extra features. iPhones are always 6 months to 1 year behind in features to Android so with Android you'd have the latest and greatest. Samsung is better for business use than an iPhone (especially the Note series). Also, iPhone creates a monopoly with their products. Genius marketing but inconvenience for the user. AND it's become more a status thing. Younger and younger kids are demanding iPhones... Not because of the quality but because their friends have it.
Melissa Angela Camerato Samsung! Can't stand iPhones they are just not easy enough to navigate. Not to mention having to have iTunes and blah blah. Not my bag. But I know people who love their iPhone.
Stacy Marans I've always used a MAC since I was a kid and for work as a graphic designer, but I don't like the iPhone. I have a galaxy 7 edge and it's wonderful!
Lisa Blair My husband could not wait to get rid of his Android for an iPhone and neither could I. Everyday he said he wanted to throw the f-er out the window. He's had an iPhone for two years now and not once have I heard him say he wants to throw it out the window. 🙂 And my 84 yo mom just got her first iPhone last year. She loves it. Went from a flip phone to an iPhone.
Colbi Lenora Battles I love my samsung, it just depends on what you really want to invest in with your phone. Droids are so much better in my opinion. And you aren't as limited as you are with iphones. But if you live off of itunes it may be a different story. My husband and I both switched and wont ever go back. It always seems like droid has been ahead of the iphone game anyways, people just don't look behind the brand.
Paula Wessel Pedersen I think to each their own. However I was a little taken aback when Amy said that she was afraid her husband would not longer be "cool" because he wanted a Samsung. So does this mean anyone who uses anything other than an IPhone is uncool in her book? Guess that would be at least half of your listeners -- just said that someone thinks other are not "cool" because of the kind of phone you have or don't have.
Josh Niedens I've had both. And I loved both. iPhone is very user friendly but a Samsung droid phone is very customizable to make it the way you want it. Samsung is great, it's not like all the other droid phones that crap out after 3 months. It stays fast, works properly, and you don't end up throwing it at a wall. But I say stay with iPhone.
Kris Ellis I troubleshoot these phones all day.. and I can tell you samsung goes above and beyond to try to be the best.. Samsun offers far more tools to you as a consumer to troubleshoot and fix your own device and have far more customization options.. now I'm not saying apples are bad.. but they keep everything very basic with the layout.. you have very few options to troubleshoot before your forced to master reset... also not to mention the fact that android offers far more apps to you as a consumer
Melissa Best I love my Samsung and detest iPhone but it doesn't matter here because the point is.'s just about impossible to switch either way....the iPhone versus android platform is different and it's rough to go back and forth
SJ Johnson My personal phone is a Samsung. My work phone was an iPhone provided by the agency I work for. I like both phones, but prefer Samsung. People say iPhone is easier to use, but using two phones simultaneously throughout the day I've found Samsung is easier to navigate through. I think Samsung is better because it's more customized to your preferences. I do like iPhone for emailing, it's easier. Samsung is more high tech and iPhone is way behind.
Candace Tolbert Samsung user here. Iphones are hyped up in my opinion. An iPhone is just an iPod that you can talk on. Alot of the apps are free compared to having to pay for with iPhones.
Brian Jeffords Have had iphone for years and recently tried switching to a Samsung Andriod. It was better than the last time i tried a few years ago but still not right. So i stayed with iphone. I lasted about a month. Don't have him switch entirely just get a used andriod cheap and buy a prepaid card that'll give you about a month worth of service to try it out. if you don't like it you didnt mess with your main setup/phone number so it's easy to go back
Melissa Milito I had a droid and I never had anything the iPhone had and I was on Verizon network. iPhone has been way better for me. Living in the boonies I have better service with iPhone than Samsung. My husband is the ONLY person I know to want to stay with a droid. It's because he enjoys it when his phone doesn't work and people can't get in touch with him!!!
Kori Barber I'm in way too deep with my Apple products to ever switch to Samsung. I have never had a single issue with any iPhone I have ever had (I'm on my 4th). I also have 2 MacBooks (one personal, one from work), 2 Apple TVs, and 2 iPads. All of our technology at school is Apple so I like that my personal devices are able to interact with my ones at work.
Keith Redick People keep saying that Samsungs are easier to work than IPhones...this is true. And androids are more customizable...also true. However a Chevrolet is much easier (and cheaper) to work on/customize compared to a Mercedes...for roughly the same price would you still choose the Chevy?
Deserie Amaro Just switched 4 phones from Samsung notes to iPhones. Not a big Apple fan and always said I would never switch. Unfortunately,all the Samsung phones started freezing so much we couldn't do anything on them, and the batteries all had to be replaced in less than a year. I really miss my Samsung. I would love to go back, but my iPhone never freezes nor does it have any of the other issues the Samsung had. My husband stood loyal to Samsung, he still has the same issues. Still so much I hate about Apple, but I have no choice until Samsung gets with it and takes care of the issues.
Kristen Tilton Iphone, mainly because it's super user friendly and I love FaceTime. I had so many problems with my Samsung phones that I dropped android all together. My company uses iPhones/iPads for the techs in the field and it makes everything super easy.
Beth Bjerke it! Used to be an iPhone but never going back. My mom just got an iPhone and it was a bit tough for me to navigate again Cuz I was so used to the buttons and swpye on my s7 edge. Plus everything was hidden in crazy areas that took me awhile to find again! Will continue to purchase Samsung
Hope Leblond iPhone. I have had an iPhone for years. It started because Apple did a much better job with Voiceover (their built in software which allows blind people to use their phones by reading everything on the screen for them.) Android has made some amazing updates, and I'm sure i is wonderful. But I'm now a iPhone lover. I know how to use it well, I have all the accessories, and I just enjoy it. I won't switch, unless Apple drives the prices up so much I can't afford their phones anymore.
Lindsey Minton Clonch Iphone! My husband hates his iPhone and says he is switching to a Samsung! Since the phones are in my name at the phone company, I refuse to to let him. He's been threatening for years that he's switching, but still has an iPhone! 💁🏼 He should be thanking me for saving his life from the the Samsung!
Whitney Hodsden Fasig I just switched from Samsung to iPhone because my galaxy was so slow and glitchy. Also know those Samsung phones do have expandable memory BUT some apps still won't go on the cards. Samsung also comes preloaded with tons of apps you don't want or need and can't erase them. SO you may have 16 G BUT 9 of those were already taken!
Bobby Bones Show
Bobby Bones ShowFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 8:30am

VIDEO: Check out the entire interview that Lunchbox did with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It's a little awkward at times but hilarious.

Sandy Bracamontez Tomasulo just watched the whole interview. was cringing because i THOUGHT it was going to be awkward, BUT it wasn't. it was REALLY good! please pat LB on the back for me, great job! not sure if they are just easy to talk to or what, but everyone was engaged and laughing. it was a good job all around!!! loved it!!
Stacey Greene-Plath Why does this guy keep distracting me from listening to Tim & Faith...he's adjusting camera, out...come on! Stop!
Brandon Trujillo The show needs more LB ever since that 24 year old took over its less lunch more Amy and idk if its just me but Amy is less relatable even Eddie's more relatable
Patrice Balla I so enjoy listening to Faith & Tim talk and share things. LB in the other hand needs help.
Jonny Brick Great work Lunch...I forgot the other guy exists. Bring on the Lunchbox Show!
Lisa Schweitzer Lunch you are on fire this week!!!! Take your vitamins and keep crack a lacking'!!!!
Kait Osborne Lunch should definitely do more interviews so great!!!
Rebecca Ramirez I loved it, you did a great job Lunchbox..!! Much LOVE from Las Vegas
Alexis Bowling That Starbucks response was so real lol
Melissa Hudson Love Tim & Faith, but I can't listen to this whole thing because of Lunchbox. Ugh.
Amber White Yikes, Faith looks moderately amused at best.
Carol Romanello They both look really, really good and I love Tim's laugh.
Jennifer Wiman Nicky tell me he doesn't look like Fred
Frank Lolli Faith turned stuck up/biotch Tim still down to earth!
Jen Quast Nowakowski Lunch for the win!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Sean Murray Enjoying more Lunchbox this week
Ivonne Bustamante-Barancik Awesome job lunch!! I love those two ❤❤❤
Heidi Kempkers Plunkett Great job LB! Totally enjoyed this interview.
Jenea Wyand Fetterly You keep it real Lunchbox, great job!
Shannon Mcginnis Lunchbox you did a great job.
Orie Chiquilla Yanez Great job lunch!
Oscar Reyes Ma boy LB did great.
Vicki Taylor Good job LB
Jamie Clark April 7th New Orleans!!
Tina Potter Dukesherer Did Eddie get his chair?
Bobby Bones Show
Bobby Bones ShowFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 8:08am

Good job Lunchbox! He stepped in and interviewed Tim & Faith last night when no one else could get to the studio. what do you think of his interview?

Click to watch:

Lisa Fain Lunchbox is a wonderful interviewer and entertainer. He could have his own show after Bobbys in the morning called "Lunch before Lunch"....
Dale Allen Beck Babby Bones needs a Sirius Xm satellite Radio Station. He could put all there side projects on there as well and make a full day of Bobby Bones Fun.
Stephany Stone OMG I'm dying laughing over lunchboxes fake laugh! 😂😂😂 Great Interview lunch!
Sandra Wilmouth in Virginia... I listen to you and the whole gang on 98.9..wolf...we find out Wednesday morning the station is off air...Why? Where can we listen to you guys at???? A lot others are upset too...
Denise Rogers Raymond! Stop getting in front of the camera... 🤓
Donovan C. Weik It always pays to have a Plan Z on the back burner for situations such as this...
Candace Tolbert Great job! I loved the whole dad body part.
Kat Stubblefield Cooper Sooooooo happy to see more Lunchbox, like the Austin days.
Julie Martinez Georgulas Good job lunchbox! That was a fun interview to watch 😂
Holly Michelle Petrino omg I could just die. they are my favorite. you are so lucky
Jesika Bratton Since Tim came in did he bring Eddie a chair? I haven't heard who has theirs beside Lunch and Bobby.
Cami Beeson I actually thought it was really good and he asked some pretty great questions! 👏🏻😊
Misty McDonald Way to go lunchbox!!!!! #morelunchboxinterviews
Kat Hernandez Lunch has always been good at being an interviewer and at his job in general 😊 That's why he's been with you so long
Ednita Galvan Loved it!
Alice Hogan Brown Good job, Lunchbox!
Carol Hill Lunchbox did great!
Roxanne Marks Shea Great job LB.
Jennifer Austin Great job!!! Great interview!
Patti Gettemeier Hellrung Great job LB!!
Meredith Carpenter it's the new chair
Lauren Simcik Nailed it!
Kelly Gilmore He wants his gift card
Sarah Nagel Wade That was awesome. He needs to do that more often!
Pam Huff Good job LB.. Love Their New Song....❤❤❤
Bobby Bones Show
Bobby Bones ShowFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 8:00am

Eddie took Eddie JR to see Hidden Figures and he loved it.

Did anyone else see it?

Sandra Guel Orta My husband and I loved it. I teared up at the end, just thinking of all the hoops these ladies had to jump through to just get the simple things that others took for granted. Even going into a certain section of a library. Wonderful story.
Jenny Barringer A local businessman in our area paid for us to take 100 high school students to see it. We all loved it!
Dawn Marie Osborne We went as a family. My husband, my 15 year old daughter and myself loved it. My 9 year old daughter, not so much. We also just went to Beauty And The Beast and my 9 year old had no interest and was bored!
Mindy Sommer I'm reading the book right now.... A real eye opener about the times! I'll see the movie after I finish.
Ginger George Kelly My daughter's school had the whole third grade walk to the theater and watch together! They loved it!!
Anita Sabillo Yes. Loved that they did a movie on this historical part of our lives.
Valerie Glines Messina I loved it but would not think it would appeal to a 9 year old. Very cool!
Shae Beery It was amazing. I love Taraji but the fact that it was a true story blew me away.
Andrea Willford We took our 9 year old to see it; she loved it! (So did we)
Tabitha Cunningham Best movie I have seen all year. A Sold out show and a a standing ovation at the end.
Laura Arnett It was fantastic! My favorite of the Best Picture nominees. It deserved lots more recognition.
Alecia Redenius LOVED it!!
Shelly Arensman-Hudson It was excellent
Roxanne Marks Shea Loved it.
Crystal McMullen Predmore It was amazing!!
Kelley Ford Ciampa Our family loved it!
Amy Lombardi My husband, 11 year old & I saw it & loved it!
Joann Heisinger Awesome
Chelsea Botkin It was amazing
Jen Hotz Sadkovich It was great!
Andrea Sargenti Great movie!
Dani Ramirez It was awesome!
Amanda Nunez Cerrillo Yes! Great movie!
Sara Reynier Wonderful movie!
JonandLinzie Harrison Loved it!