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SUNRISE, Fla. -- Florida Panthers Executive Chairman Peter Luukko announced the Panthers schedule for the 2016-17 National Hockey League season. The Panthers will play a total of 82 regular season games (41 home and 41 away), as well as seven preseason games (three home and four away).

The Panthers open the 2016-17 season at home on Thursday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. against the New Jersey Devils at the BB&T Center. The Panthers schedule is highlighted by 10 Saturday home games this season and a matchup against the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday, Dec. 8.

The Panthers final home game of the season is set for Saturday, April 8 against Buffalo and the regular season finale is Sunday, April 9 at Washington.


Florida plays 30 games within the Atlantic Division this season with four games (two home and two away) against the Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning. The Panthers play five games against division rivals the Boston Bruins (three home and two away) and Toronto Maple Leafs (two home and three away). The Panthers will play 24 games against teams from the Metropolitan Division and 28 games (one home and one away) against the Western Conference.


Florida will play 11 games this season at the BB&T Center against Original Six teams. The Panthers will host Boston three times (Nov. 1, Dec. 22, Jan. 7), the Chicago Blackhawks once (March 25), Detroit twice (Oct. 15, Dec. 23), Montreal twice (Dec. 29, April 3), the New York Rangers once (March 7) and Toronto twice (Dec. 28, March 14).


The Panthers will face their 2016 Stanley Cup Playoff opponents the New York Islanders three times this season, hosting them twice on Nov. 12 and again on Jan. 13. The Cats return to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Jan. 11.


The Panthers will face their intrastate rivals Tampa Bay in four contests this season, hosting them at the BB&T Center on Nov. 7 and again on Jan. 26.


The Cats will host a season-high 11 home games on Thursday this season, one on Sunday, two on Monday, eight on Tuesday, three on Wednesday, six on Friday and 10 on Saturday.


The Panthers are home for a pair of games during Thanksgiving week, hosting the Philadelphia Flyers (Nov. 22) and Columbus Blue Jackets (Nov. 26). Additionally, the Cats will end 2016 with a five-game home stand against five Atlantic Division rivals as they host Buffalo (Dec. 20), Boston (Dec. 22), Detroit (Dec. 23), Toronto (Dec. 28) and Montreal (Dec. 29). The Panthers will ring in the new year with a three-game home stand against the Winnipeg Jets (Jan. 4), Nashville Predators (Jan. 6) and Boston (Jan. 7).


All Panthers weekday home games will begin at 7:30 p.m. with the exception of Wednesday, Dec. 28 vs. Toronto (7:00 p.m.) and Wednesday, Jan. 4 vs. Winnipeg (7:00 p.m.). All Saturday home contests will start at 7:00 p.m. Florida's lone Sunday home contest vs. Ottawa on Feb. 26 will start at 7:30 p.m.


For ticketing information on suite rentals, club suites and group experiences or to learn more about full and partial ticket packages, please call 954-835-PUCK or visit FloridaPanthers.com.

The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersMonday, February 27th, 2017 at 3:02pm

"We feel we have a team that can compete and go deep in the playoffs."

A Q&A with Dale Tallon before the deadline

Michael Doran Well, we just traded away more size. We better have a huge Blockbuster trade announcement, because Im not very confident with any moves management has made this year. God, I hope they prove me wrong over the next few days.
Christopher Bouyea Panthers might have a playoff capable team, but not playoff capable coaches. Win 5 on the road, then Rowe changes up the lines and defense pairings, they lose 3 in a row at home. FIRE ROWE! He's the weak link, he doesn't even deserve to be behind an ECHL bench.
Andrew Jon Been unlucky lately not converting our chances. Keep shooting and the pucks will wind up in the net!
Evonne Estep Every time we have a team ready to go to the playoffs, they trade key players and fire the coach!
Scott Herron Better start winning then or you can forget playoffs . Just beat Carolina that would be a great start
Honza Alex Hlach There must be some good "stuff" in Miami. #feelhighwithrowe
Megan Kauffman McKeon I guess that's what you call thinking positive- no way this will happen, esp with this ridiculous coach!!
Jonathan Garavito If he's not gonna drive any defense when our seasons to the playoffs is over
Janie Deimos Please, get a good coach. The Panthers are my second favorite team and this is killing me πŸ˜”
Jason Marchant was this interview done before we lost 3 in a row?
Daniel Perez Yes we need a good coach and we need a team to play good as hell and then suck and then play good and suck we need it to be consistent
Samuel En hello everyone. when I think of Florida I think of oranges, and Disney Land- not hockey. I once saw someone driving in Toronto with a Florida plate. pretty cool how there is an orange on a license plate. ok bye
Eric Miller First you have to get to the playoffs and that's very doubtful
Mike-Michel Dusseault I hope that team starts showing up at home soon ...
Matt Hurst Lol we have to able to make the playoffs first
Gabriel Vianna Pires Lol
Tommy Wilson Grab a coach and you are correct sir
Alex Devis II As long as we can improve our penalty killing...
Alexandr Surin Fire rowe
Robby Uzzo Dear Dale: you're wrong.
Richie Sarkar Laugh
Todd Tanner He is probably the only one !!
Scott Friel In your dreams
Lubos Toth You guys need goalie!
Martin Lausik Bulva But in the playoff must be
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersMonday, February 27th, 2017 at 2:28pm

"We have to stay positive and keep going."

Hear from Trocheck, Bjugy & Malgin after today's practice.

Leonard Albritton For those fans that believe the coach should be fired, he is not the one putting the puck in the back of the net and winning games , leave that up to the players to score , they have had plenty of opportunies but they just aren't getting the puck through , it's frustrating as a fan but I believe these Cats will bounce back , good hockey teams always do and they have the talent to make the playoffs , go Cats !!!
Richie Sarkar The Panthers play poorly at empty home games..too peaceful.
Julie Dewey Fire Rowe and things will get better
Martin Lausik Bulva especially start playing at home
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersMonday, February 27th, 2017 at 10:45am

Happy 23rd birthday, Michael Matheson! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Richard Bard Happy Birthday M2
Philip DiPatrizio I wish I was turning 23 today πŸ™ Anyone have a time machine?
William Holz Jr. Happy 23rd!! your fun to watch play the game
Michelle Olsen Happy birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ
Marty Kniebes Happy birthday!πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ
Mark Thornton Happy Birthday Michael
Jerry Morin Jr. Happy birthday 🎈
Susanne Reuner-Agramonte Happy Birthday!
Kimberly Marciano Happy Birthday!
Mike Fleener Happy Birthday!!!
Leonard Albritton happy birthday , go CATS !
Beverly Vautour Happy Birthday Michael.
Johanna Johanna HAPPY brithday
Gabriela Moldovan Happy Birthday !
The Florida Panthers
The Florida Panthers with Community Coffee.Monday, February 27th, 2017 at 10:25am

Grab something caffeinated and get ready for the week ahead with this week's Cats & Coffee!

Rick Chizever First of all Thorton is put in exactly there to be a goon. Sometimes you need that physical play to calm the other team down and show them consequences to their actions. Secondly, regarding Jagr, he sets up so many goals in front of the net but he has no one to pass too. His teammates are nowhere to be found. It's the other players' fault, not his. Lastly, the defense is never stationed to where they need to be. Their coverage is horrible. We need a defense coach ASAP. And lastly lastly, we need a goalie. It's time for the Luongo go to say goodbye and Riemer still needs a few years of back up to get his confidence up.
John Joseph Arena Unfortunately this team will not make the playoffs this year, they will be lucky if they end up with 100pts (don't think so). Because the teams ahead of them in the division sure aren't going to feel sorry for the Panthers, just to inconsistent, why can't they win at home?
Leonard Albritton Thorton and Jagr are seriously taking up roster space at this point, can't wait to see a new coach and a new season , these Cats have put up a fight at certain times but are not consistant with their play and they can't seem to find the back of the net , its very disappointing coming home after every Home loss, they play better on the road, this team needs to get their game together.
Bill Fyfe Rebound from 3 disappointing losses in a row at home
Matt Hurst Yea they were ready to rebound after the first loss
Matt Yas-Zaf #fireRowe #Rowemustgo get rid of that fool
Sammy Valiante Rebound from winning?
Walter Fegious Is Luongo finsished?
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersSunday, February 26th, 2017 at 11:04pm

Rowe, Marchessault & Petrovic talk after tonight's loss.

Darrin Silverman Panthers should retire Jagr"s jersey on Tuesday it will be his last game in that uniform. I think he will look pretty good in a San Jose Sharks uniform. At least they are playing at home so they won't leave him by the side of the curb like they did Gallant.
Jade Carrillo Tom Rowe thanks for making my decision to renew or not so much easier. You didn't go so I will. C ya
Jay Stevens It's not like they laid down and gave up last night. The hustle was there and they gave an outstanding effort! It just didn't go our way. Overall we were the better team last night, but Ottawa had solid goaltending. Keep the fire in the belly boys!
Isaiah Harrper
JR Alexander
Scott Herron Make a trade and please trade petrovic he is horrible .
Bill Fyfe Tough game to watch.....again
Jerry Morin Jr. No problem, next time you win...end of story
Leonard Albritton plenty of games left ! GO CATS !
Flore Klink Stay strong your time is Now!
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersSunday, February 26th, 2017 at 10:22pm

Not our night.

Brian Levine Don't worry Panthers fans, at least we have the Miami Heat still. We can win games on the road when its loud and noisy but when we come home we play in front of a whopping 20 fans. It sounded like I was watching a freaking funeral. Fire Rowe Fire Rowe.
Robbie Gaitan This is probably the most poorly coached hockey team I have witnessed in awhile.This team is stacked with great players and we can't get anything going.Well on the bright side by the end of the season tickets will be 2$ on StubHub.
Arkin Burk Management has to take notice. Lots of empty seats. The fans are not happy with the team and especially not happy with the coach. You ask fans to support the team and renew their tickets but it starts with putting a team out there that your fans are proud of and will support. It is honestly really sad and disappointing to see another year of mediocre hockey.
Pietro Scalia Tonight we saw the difference between a playoff team and a non-playoff team. Boucher's a class coach who's implemented a defensive structure that suits the players. They play the system to perfection. We have no system. If that was FLA we would've blown the lead. Until we get a coach like Boucher we're not going anywhere. We're done this year.
Connor Brechbill Too many lapses by the defensemen this game. Turned the puck over and had horrible positioning. Too many times Ottawa had a guy break in behind both defensemen or have guys walk in Scott free into the high slot. That is what has killed us these last three games. Also, if they could stop shooting directly at the goaltender that would be nice. We've faced three goalies who are decent at best and made them look like they were Carey Price because we kept shooting into their chest protectors.
Fero Met 5 games in row away WON and 3 games in row at home LOST, i dont undesrtand your fans why are you cruel to them, its terrible, now i know why stadium is almost epmty in every game, at home still lost
Tom Tallon Last 3 games haven't been your night. You would think you would win home games for the fans that pay for season tickets and the wonderful parking spaces we walk a mile to get too.
Mark Porcelli getting real tiring....nothing changes, get right upto a playoff berth, then piss it away...been happening for years....the not ready for prime time players....i'm beginning to think last year never happened
Joy Blanchett Not a bad game, but an important one. I hate this "OUR House" theme . You did not invite us here for dinner and small talk. CATS, this is YOUR house; your house, your ice, your fans. The opposing team are not guests; they are marauders that must be stopped, or they will steal everything you worked for. You are the team that can do this. Go Cats!
Let's Go Panthers '16-'17 (Deep breath.) 3 losses in 3 home games. No points. Zip. Zero. There is time to still surge into the playoffs, but we can't go three games with no points...and Tuesday is a must win. You think if we lose Tuesday, Jagr could be traded Wednesday before 3pm? I hope not...what do ya'll think?
Adam Cohen 3 straight games where we played well enough to win but couldn't get the breaks to go our way and played against super hot goalies. That wouldn't be a big deal of we hadn't been so mediocre all season, but since the playoff race is so tight we really need to start winning or it's going to get out of hand quickly.
Jane Allan Gerada Come on cats - the playoffs are slipping away - dig deep and fight for that playoff spot - every game counts - got to start winning these home games - especially division ones 😺❀️😺
Kevin Galvin Reimer did his job. Should we be asking him to score too? Totally predictable offense tonight and perhaps we could SHOOT THE PUCK from time to time
Cynthia Goosen Maybe if you all spent less time picking fights, and more time trying to get goals in and making good plays, you would win. Was I at a boxing match today? Or a hockey game? Stupid. Seriously get your act together . The Florida Panthers we ended up leaving .
Jill Dexter The "coach" shows no emotion and that what the team has. I don't blame the team, I blame the "coach". Been there for all 3 losses the week. Rowe must GO! Rowe must GO!
Scott Friel Forget the analytics, ya still gotta coach these kids..Rowe sucks at that. Even Jagr needs coaching every game. This coach is a putz.
Tyler Hawxhurst Petro had a terrible game last night from sliding over to the middle instead of staying with Turris to turning it over with a few mins left and senators on their heels.
Alessandro Magno Resende Matos If we cannot score, let's hustle at least our guys are having fun. I'll keep supporting the cats no matter what !!!!
Seth Williams We need to put it both together. Before our offense was clicking but no defense. Now our defense is decent but our offense took the night off....
Craig Toman So if the Panthers blow a two goal lead against Carolina, will Rowe get fired?
Don Stegner Where's Luongo? Making Reimer the #1 is a piss poor decision. You can kiss the playoffs goodbye if Luongo wants to be a pussy
D L Emilio Chaves They didn't really play that bad though... It wasn't a bad effort. There can be improvements, yes. There can always be improvements. Most of you are piss fans.
Mike Hryniuk Rowe has to go, but now that he has fired a much better coach and Rowe stepped in to fill in, you would have no coach or gm to lead the team. Betcha the stick boy could do a better job. Jagr, sorry, he's gotta go, the gas tank is empty, too much coasting.
Frank Kessler It's becoming readily apparent that it's not our season
Thomas Joseph They were just so mediocre. Gave up far too many odd man breaks. A goalie can only stop so many shots. I had the Blues and 'hawks on the other channel, and the difference in puck handling and speed was unbelievable. It was like watching pros on one channel, and a beer league on the other. I hate seeing all the empty seats in the arena, but the cats have given no reason to go to Sunrise.
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersSunday, February 26th, 2017 at 3:21pm


Don't miss this quality #content.

Mike Nashed Two games too late to start that mentality after that awesome road trip, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Jeff Pave It starts with defense which is why the team got 10 pts in 5 games. Need 4 pts on these next 2 at home.
JJ Henstic Win tonight,go cats!
Matt Hurst Lol
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersSunday, February 26th, 2017 at 12:45pm

Hear from Matheson & Coach Rowe on how the team is approaching tonight's game.

Adolfo Mejia Let's go guys forget about the last two games and let's get back on the winning streak! We can do it!
John Russo Hopefully like a cat we are running out of our nine lives we better wake up now an start winning
Ralph Ruiz Panthers defense has been soft all year. That said with this roster healthy they should make the playoffs. Bunker down.
Alex Meckel We need to win. Boston is going to whoop Dallas
Michael Ruskin They better win!!!
grabitbythepussy.com They better grab a win tonight.
Steve Martinson M u s t. WIN. Period. End of story.
Attila Pazmandi just fire rowe, we should be okay after that
Alfred Battsgliolat Gotta to have a win boston won today go cats 🐱
Flore Klink Two points tonight! Please
Axhi Grajçevci
Walter Fegious get a new goalie, better defense, and fire Rowe
The Florida Panthers
The Florida PanthersSunday, February 26th, 2017 at 8:35am


We're back at it at the BB&T Center tonight at 7:30πŸ‘Š

Justin Firtell See you there!!
Alex Meckel We need this win. The maple leafs are going On the west coast grind next week and couple possibly loose a couple In a row. Even more so now with quick back for LA. Let's go Panthers! You guys are racking my nerves but I'm here till the end lol
Darrin Silverman What happened to scoring in the NHL. The 3 on 3 was supposed to increase scoring. Connor McDavid is on pace to win the scoring title with 93 points. It is possible that no player on the Panthers will even reach 50 points for the season. Mario Lemieux scored 50 points in the Penguins 17 game winning streak in 93 after coming back from cancer so it is almost a joke when these people on the NHL network compare McDavid and Crosby to Gretzky and Lemieux.
Gabriel Vianna Pires So after a miraculous 5 game win streak on the road, the cats came back to reality... drag us in to bring us down, that summed it up perfectly, I'm upset that y'all did that to many ppl, should've known... this team was a fraud from the beginning and not as awesome as last year's
Attila Pazmandi In the past 3 home games we allowed 14 goals!!!! Potato head you are a disaster and who ever put you in power!!! Rowe you screwed up this team big time!!!! 6 years of building is done the drain this season!!! I'am just wondering wich team wan't hire you rowe? I don't think there is any other stupid owner like viola!!!!!!!
Ann Rhymestine Anyone know why the game is so late? Why 7:30 and not something like 3:00 or 5:00? I'm gonna be there but still gotta get up really early in the morning.
Anthony Marino If we don't win the next 4 then we need a miracle to happen so we can make the playoffs. The absolute push needs to start tonight.
Depolent Eloentel Panthers must win this game tonight!!! We the two point seriously come on panthers you can do it GO Panthers!!!
Corey Painter Probably the biggest game of the year as of today
Christian Coulombe Your mission : WIN the game. Over. I will watch on tv! Go Panthers team!! Here we goooooo to the cuuuuuuup because of it's our missiooon, here we goooooo to the cuuuuuuup because of it's our missiooon yeah! Here we goooooo to the cuuuuuuup because of it's our missiooon, here we goooooo to the cuuuuuuup because of it's our missiooon yeah! LET'S GO, PAN-THERS! BOUM, BOUM, BOUM BOUM BOUM! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Thomas Ouillette We absolutely need this win in regulation. No exceptions. No excuses.
Debby Smith Let's go Cats! We need a W!
Adolfo Mejia Let's go guys stop the bs! Is a must win!
Attila Pazmandi
Jennifer Hurvitz Good luck
Vivi Mantilla Be there tonight!!
Amy Fredel Espinola This is a must win! Go Cats!!
Clare Florio Anthon Thanks, you saved me from watching the Oscars!
Claribel Santiago Perez Spending the day supporting both my florida teams
Alexandr Surin This is Karlsson
Kellen Chubak Got to take advantage of Buffalo, Philadelphia, New York and Toronto losing yesterday.
Joshua Meeks Just win. I dont care how or the final score. Just win. #GoCats
Debby RG Wilcox GO CATS GO <3 Being a Leafette, I know that you are hot on our tails, but want to see you take the Sens down. <3
Alfred Battsgliolat Three in row at home not exceptable if they want the playoffs!
Michael R Clark
The Florida Panthers
The Florida Panthers added 5 new photos β€” with The Honda Classic.Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 7:44pm

The Florida Panthers Foundation and the community champions program proudly supported the Patriots Outpost at the Honda Classic Today!