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Bobby is the host of The Bobby Bones Show. He has been in radio since he was 17 hosting late night, evening, and now a morning show…

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Amy is a co-host on The Bobby Bones Show. After finishing up college at Texas A&M University, she had a sales career, but randomly landed a job in radio…

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Lunchbox is the co-host and self proclaimed MVP of The Bobby Bones Show. He has been in radio for almost 10 years after Bobby found him at a bar…

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Eddie is the Digital Content Producer of The Bobby Bones Show. Radio is a new medium for Eddie, he has been a television producer and photographer for news and music entertainment stations…

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Alayna is the Executive producer of the Bobby Bones Show. Alayna grew up in Venezuela and came back to the US for college. She first joined The Bobby Bones Show as an intern…

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Ray was born September 5th, 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah. A whopping 12 lbs!!! Actually that was the total weight of his twin brother as well as himself…

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